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Management Philosophy / Activities

Management Philosophy

Creation and Harmony
We imagine, so we may satisfy our customers, and strive for harmony between society and the environment

Management Vision

Factory Automation (FA) / Niche / Only One
We aspire to be an inimitable player in a niche global market

We sell solutions, not products




Corporate Activities

Quality Control

  • All Taiyo Electric locations are certified with ISO 90001.
  • We commit to a high quality in products and services, always striving to maintain and improving customer satisfaction with a sense of urgency.
  • We commit to a culture of mutual respect with our customers. To this end we nurture our organizational strength.
  • We commit to a constant search for the highest quality, so as to meet our customers' requirements.

Environmental Measures

  • All Taiyo Electric locations are certified with ISO 14001.
  • Conserving natural resources and energy to avoid their depletion
  • Categorizing waste for collection, minimizing waste generation and promoting reuse and recycling
  • Designing products that are environmentally friendly
  • Developing and promoting products that contribute to environmental load reduction
  • Cutting back on electric power consumption

Manufacturing Innovation

  • Greater efficiency in action
  • Greater vitalization and speed through the development of state-of-the-art technologies and products
  • Open, cross-functional corporate culture