Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We at Taiyo Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (Taiyo Electric Industry) prize your private information collected on our company website and strive to protect your privacy.
On this page, we talk you through our policy for private information. Please familiarize yourself with our policy stipulated below as you use our website.

  • 1) Collection and use of personal information in our care 

We at Taiyo Electric Industry only collect personal information we need to provide services. When we use this personal information, we will not deviate from this purpose. 

When we collect any personal information, we always seek your consent in advance.

  • 2) Sharing and disclosure of personal information in our care

We do not share any personal information we collect with third parties without your consent, with the following exceptions:

(1) When we commission external agencies to fulfill the original purpose of information collection.

(2) When we are requested to disclose information by authorities in accordance with laws and regulations.

  • 3) Correction and suspension of use of personal information in our care

If you wish to correct or suspend use of your personal information in our care, please inform us accordingly. Having ascertained of your identity, we will take care of the matter

  • 4) Information security

We use personal information in our care only within our organization. Only personnel responding to your inquiry or other staff required to perform other special tasks are allowed to access this information.

  • 5) Inquiry

If you have questions about our privacy policy, please send your inquiry here.

  • 6) Privacy Policy Updates

Taiyo Electric Industry may update any part of its privacy policy. We will announce such changes on our website.