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Ecological Power Equipment

The ecological power equipment is a clean energy system that does not emit carbon dioxide as it generates electricity from natural energy sources such as the wind and the sun.
The hybrid power generation system that systematically combines wind and solar power generation provides a reliable supply of power by efficiently utilizing the strong points of both. It is the ideal product for supplying power to places that do not have access to the power grid, and also for reducing energy consumption (and CO2 emissions) by switching from conventional power sources.
*The photograph shows test equipment, which differs from the actual product.

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■Product features

  • Well-balanced power generation throughout the year Reliable output even when the weather fluctuates according to the season
  • Power generation starts at a low wind velocity of 1.5 m/sec Power supply becomes possible at 2.5 m/sec
  • Mechanical and electrical systems provide duplicated protection against fierce wind. Mechanical: self-controlling function to allow the strong wind pass by; electric: deceleration by electric brake
  • Use of lead storage battery that has a long service life The service life when used repeatedly at a depth of discharge of 50% is at least 1000 cycles.
    (Expected service life)
  • It is possible to supply power and control the device for three days even in rainy weather when there is not wind. If the following conditions are met
    ・About 3.3 hours of sunlight per day
    ・Eight hours/day with an average wind velocity of 5 m/sec
    ・For the duration of operation each day, see the guidelines on load capacity according to the hours of power supply.

■Simplified system diagram


Application Description
Outdoor lights Buildings, factories, parks, plazas, emergency lights
Spray pumps Water spraying, cooling of air conditioner outdoor units, fountains
Public toilets Lighting, flushing water
Camping ground Lighting, electric plugs
Gate opening
and closing
Gate control of simplified sluice
- Illegal garbage disposal
- Transportation monitoring, security camera, disaster prevention camera and sensor
Monuments Schools, plazas, public facilities

■Configuration equipment

Solar power generator one unit
Wind power generator one unit
Lead storage battery one unit
Control equipment for ecological power source one unit
Attachment pole (optional) one unit
Guidance for assembly at site

※Installation and external wiring operations are outside the scope of our services.

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