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製品情報 印刷機械制御装置 自動見当制御装置 PRODUCT

Automatic Register Controller Sectional Drive Type

DT-3000 is a color controller (“colorcon”) for compensator-less register control of sectional gravure printing presses. It can be used easily by anyone by lightly tapping the icons on the monitor.


  • Clear display with a TFT color touch monitor (15-inch) and simple operation
  • Instructions for guidance are available in Japanese, English, and Chinese (display can be switched between two languages).
  • Individual operation of the A system and B system is possible when used as a split type.
  • Predictive corrections conducted every time
  • Optimum correction quantity can be set to suit the conditions of printing paper.
  • Prevention of miscorrection with fail-safe functions.
  • Optical fiber /LED type scanning head is mounted as the standard equipment.
  • Compatible with sectional drive (compensator-less) printing machines
  • High-speed parallel I/O signal output suited to compensator-less register controllers
  • Can be used with up to 17 colors.
製品情報 印刷機械制御装置 写真

■Specifications and capacities

Applicable printer Web-fed gravure rotary press
Correction compensation function Compensator-less (cylinder phase control) system
Compensator roll correction system (applicable for AC servo motor)
Detection accuracy Length : ±0.01 mm
Sidelay : ±0.01 mm
Applicable printing speed 10 to 1000m/min (CY1000mm)
Correction speed Length : Standard 1.0 mm/sec (on web)
Sidelay : Standard 0.4 to 0.6 mm/sec (cylinder travel distance)
Fine adjustment range ±9.99 mm in each direction
Communication function Serial communication can be used with a PC or PLC
TCP/IP communication can be used.
Others Alarm parameter (from 0.1 to 0.9mm)
Power supply AC100/200~240 V ±10% 1ø 50/60 Hz 1KVA
Operating environment Temperature : 0 to 40 ℃ (Touch Monitor 5 to 35 degrees)
Humidity : 25 to 80 % (no condensation)


Main body Main unit: 1 unit (1 unit in case of a split type)
CH unit: Number of channels (printing units - 1)
Scanning head Number of channels (printing units - 1)
Optical fiber type :Ff head、Optical fiber cable、junction box
LED type : RB head or HW head , junction cord , junction box
Pulse generator Sectional drive machine: Number of channels
Line shaft drive system: 1 unit (2 units in case of a split type)

■Standard configuration

  • Main box
  • Monitor box
  • Unit box
  • Remote panel
  • Scanning junction box
  • Pulse generator (PG-IV type)
  • Scanning head (Ff type)
  • Optical fiber cord

■Operation panel

Automatic Register Control System

Inspection System

Inspection System

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