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Product Information Control Equipment for Printing Presses Printing Pattern Monitoring System PRODUCT

Automatic Cutter Alignment Equipment
Model CR-555M II

This equipment measures and corrects the web cutting position. When the measured discrepancy of the cutting position exceeds the set value, notification is issued by way of an alarm and other means. Options include PIV control circuit.

■Product features

  • Easy-to-read waveform display
    Signals from the scanning head can be shown on the 5.7-inch color liquid crystal display.
    Display of signals for one pitch is possible, making designation of the control gate position easier.
  • Operation is possible on the touch panel
    Settings are made on the same screen, after switching from the waveform setting screen.
  • It is possible to select from two settings to suit the installation location.
    It is possible to choose from the integral main unit/display type and the separately installed display type.
製品情報 印刷機械制御装置 写真

■Specifications and capacities

Correction mechanism Compensator roller or differential control
Rotary cutter control
Detection mechanism scanning head
Detection accuracy +/-0.01 mm/td>
Range of fine adjustment +/-9.9 mm
Colors detected on pitch visually discernible practical colors
Warning set-up value variable between 0.1 mm and 9.9 mm
Power source AC100V/200V +/- 10% 1φ 50/60 Hz 1 kVA
Compatible environment Temperature: -10°C to +40°C
Humidity: 20% to 80%RH (no condensation)


Main body of the equipment one unit
Scanning head one unit
Fiber cord one unit
Head relay box one unit
Pulse generator one unit
Options register motor, two-stage control, additional control

■Screen configuration

写真 Waveform screen This is the screen for displaying waveforms from the scanning head (detector), to display the standard waveform.
写真 Numeric value input screen (set-up screen) Settings are input using the numeric keypad and finalized after switching pages with the forward and backward switches.
ENT: finalization
BS: move backward one character
CL: clears all characters
Other screens for optional functions
写真 Warning On/Off When the setting is on, warning output is turned on when the limit at which the warning is activated, as set on the other screen, is reached.
写真 Automatic On/Off When the setting is on, the direction of correction is displayed using the right and left arrows on the error meter below.
写真 Error meter and plate error switch (display of correction direction) Displacement in the matched waveforms is displayed on the meter. The error can be entered in the positive and negative directions by pressing the meter section
写真 Waveform reversal switch Reverses the T1 and T2 waveforms
写真 Waveform amplifier switch Amplifies the T1 and T2 waveforms through four increments
写真 Gate shifting switch The switch should be turned on when manually setting the gate (the standard position for matching waveforms.) (The setting is made by touching the screen.)
写真 Mark searching switch The gate position is searched automatically when the switch is pressed.
写真 Waveform scroll switch The waveform display is rotated through 180 degrees each time the switch is pressed.
写真 Screen switch The screen is switched from the waveform display screen to the set-up value input screen and others.
写真 Waveform enlargement switch The waveform in the vicinity of the current gate position is enlarged and displayed.

※Display of unnecessary switches can be restricted through set-up on another screen.
※The screen design is subject to change without notice.

■System diagram

Automatic Register Control System

Inspection System

Inspection System

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